Artificial Intelligence for Occupational Safety & Health

We help enterprises to reduce their cost of compliance while increasing safety for their employees

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Gaia Industrie


Reduction in Cost of Compliance

Artificial Intelligence enables operational efficiency in HSE function to remove redundancies in workflow and reallocation of resources to high impact work


Improvement in Employee Safety

Enabling instant access to expert knowledge at point-of-work by changing the modality of information brings improvements in safety culture, behavior, management and process

Converting 19% UNSAFE actions and conditions to SAFE and impacting

'HSE for everyone' is a principle embedded in our solutions
Hardest nut to crack, but we have done it!
Data driven decisions allow objective discussions
Knowing what to do in every situation
Launched in Switzerland

HSE AI Assistant

30-50% Time Saving for HSE Experts
Consolidated HSE Knoweldge Base
Data Driven Continuous Improvement
Multi-lingual Interaction

Knowledge Q&A

Employees get instant answers to their HSE related queries

Point of Work

Available to field workers in whatsapp, messenger or other company apps

Gap Analysis

Data-driven gap analysis on HSE documentation and training needs

Single 'Source-of-Truth' for worldwide HSE Compliance

Combine compliance and regulatory requirements with your company policies & guidelines to provide a consolidated knowledge base to your employees

Country Regulatory & Compliance
Always remain on top of latest updates in country specific HSE information
Integrate in Your Workflows
HSE AI Assistant is compatible with your intranet and other internal communication channels
Company Guidelines & Policies
Incorporate your company specific HSE documents into HSE AI Assistant
Incident Databases
Connecting to incident databases across the world for incident reporting management

Knowledge Packages & Competencies

HSE AI Assistant comes loaded with all essential knowledge packages and competencies required to manage your compliance needs

Workplace Risk Assessment Process Risk Assessment Environment Risk Assessment

Permit to Work

Management of change

Emergency Management

Contractor Management

LOTO and Equipment Isolation

Chemical hazards

Chemical reactions


Biological Hazards



Exposure Monitoring

Health Surveillance

Physical Health Hazards


Confined Space Entry

Driver Safety

Electrical Safety


Hot work

Lifting Operation


Work at Height

Workplace Transport

Air Emissions

Enivronmental Contamination

Environmental Sustainability



Water Ressources & Supply



Control System

Equipment and Workplaces

Ex Area Classification

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Maintenance and testing

Personal Protective Equipment

Stores & Warehouse

Written Procedures

Improving HSE Implementation

From several days of waiting time to instant knoweldge expert Q&A
Modality of Information
From static information to interactive knowledge
Data Driven Interventions
From ‘Spray & Pray’ approach to targeted trainings and measures
Point of Work
From Documents on a database to fingertips of workers on the field

HSE for Everyone

Unlimited use cases for office staff and field workers utilizing HSE AI Assistant to get answers to their daily situations and actions

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Global leader in Generative Artificial Intelligence
for Occupational Safety & Health

Leveraging proprietary technologies such as pre-trained LLMs on proprietary datasets and a world-class team of engineers to deliver solutions to the most complex problems

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